Fraternal visit to the Augustinians in Brazil

In these days, the Prior Provincial fr Leslie Gatt O.S.A. is visiting the Augustinian friars in Brazil. Amongst these friars there are still three Brazilian Friars who, after the establishment of the Augustinian Province of Brazil ten years ago, remained affiliated with the Province of Malta while working in the new Province of Brazil.

In 1962 the Maltese Friars started the missionary work of the Maltese Augustinian Province in Brazil and over the years they worked in various parishes in different states of such a huge country. With the help of many Maltese benefactors, the maltese friars, built churches, priories and even a house of formation. Several Spanish Augustinians were also working in Brazil and with time, native Brazilian vocations began to increase. Ten years ago the Maltese delegation supported fully the process of the foundation of the new Province of Brazil and handed over all the initiatives the new Province.

In these days the Prior Provincial met with his counterpart in the Province of Brasil, P. Mauricio Jose Manosso Rocha O.S.A. and he is also having meetings with the Brazilian friars who are affiliated in the Province of Malta. He is also visiting the different realities in which the Maltese worked and also several projects of the Brazilian Province including several colleges.

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