Augustinian Call

Discover who we are

Our ideal: “to be one heart and
one soul in God”…..

Augustinian Heart

Who was St. Augustine?

Let’s see what he can tell us:

As a boy I was full of energy
I always wanted to create something, to learn and to discover.
I remember I have always loved my friends
I had quite a few doubts….I have always thirsted for truth.
I searched, travelled, asked, listened and prayed….
At last I found God… or better still He found me.
I had a dream that became a reality.
That our hear doesn’t find rest unless it rests in God
I searched for, found and loved God.
My heart was always full of challenges, struggles and successes like we all experience.

Who is the Augustinian?

As Augustinians there are principal values like:

  • interiority
  • humility
  • love
  • scholarship and the search for Truth
  • community
  • common good
  • generous service
  • friendship
  • prayer

Upon these we build the Augustinian life and build our future and that of others.

 As Augustinians we endeavour to:

  • share our life together
  • to be one heart and one soul in our path to God

 But we are not just a group of friends, but a community where in a continuous search we discover our relationship with God by means of each other.

 With your prayers, our hands, and the prayers of those we serve, WE are a single community in Christ.


The Augustinian Call

“Why am I living? It is with this question that we can live with Christ. This is my wish, my joy, my wealth…….but I don’t want to save myself without you” (St. Augustine Sermon 71)

Discover who you are …..for Augustine life is an endless journey in the search for God.


How are you going to reply to God’s call in the 21st century?

Keep on dedicating more time to that for which God has called you
God has a beautiful dream for you.
Listen to God by means of others.
Enter into a relationship with Jesus by means of prayer.
Pray, reflect and ask for advice.

Never undergo a walk of discernment on your own but do it
with others and continuously.
Keep on being what YOU truly are.
Join us in our journey while……

You discover who we are

We are brothers, humans, teachers, priests, missionaries, counsellors, writers, musicians, spiritual companions and much more.

We let God work through us.


Discover who you are
Discover who we are

#Augustinian Call

The Augustinian Family

Let us remember where we came from
Let us live the present with enthusiasm…..
Let us embrace our future….

We were founded as an Augustinian Order in 1244 when Pope Innocent IV gathered together various hermit communities in Italy.

St. Augustine is our spiritual father from whom we draw our life’s ideal.
We have been present in Malta since the 14th century.

We are living the present with enthusiasm with a life for God and society with a life given to love, unity, prayer, moments together, peace, justice, spreading the word of God, living the Gospel…..these send a strong message to today’s world.

All this we do in 50 countries all over the world.

We embrace the future with hope
With a heart encouraged by faith we continue

-to bring light to dark places

-enthusiasm where there is fatigue     

-unity and peace where there are separations.

While we discern the signs of the times inspired by the word of God, we proclaim the Good News and the joy of the Gospel.
When we experience and live the dream, this becomes a reality and thus we put our heart more in it. We realise that this is not just a theory but a possibility, an experience, a life and a hope.

#Augustinian Family

Reaching Others

You are in the heart of our community.
You are in the heart of all that we do.
We walk with the people of God entrusted to us.
We share the journeys and experiences of your life while we accompany you on the way to God. 

We are:

  • At Rabat (from where we serve Bahrija and Buskett)
  • Valletta
  • Rabat Gozo
  • Tarxien
  • Paceville (From where we serve the Chapel of St. Rita in St. Julian’s)
  • Pietà (St. Augustine’s College with a campus in Pieta’ and one in Marsa)

With these various ministries:

  • Pastoral ministry in various communities.
  • education by means of a college with a Christian ethos.
  • Human, Christian and Augustinian formation.
  • Justice and Peace in many local realities
  • Youth ministry
  • Vocations and discernment of the God’s calling.
  • missions abroad
  • dialogues and cultural meetings
  • Work with the Augustinian laity
  • Retreat House for personal and community reflection

This is the greatest miracle of religious life: that we feel for and love each other while not necessarily thinking and looking exactly the same.

#Augustinian Outreach

Augustinian Youth

We are with the Augustinians life family and friends, as students and enthusiastic young people that are searching together, and delving deep into the questions of life in a personal and community manner.  This makes us freer to discover the great beauty that God has given to each and every one of us.

We live and experience sincere friendship without expecting anything in return.

Together, we have become a community that believes in unity and friendship that doesn’t want to be saved without the others. Jesus is the centre of life.

Every one of us is precious. We listen and reflect and open with love to the needs of others. We become a testimony to Jesus Christ’s presence on Earth.

We do all this on the steps of St. Augustine and other Augustinian Saints who, notwithstanding the fact that they lived long ago, are still relevant and actual in the world we are living in today.
Thanks to the testimony of the Augustinians past and present, we witness their love and that of the Church lived in the spirit of St. Augustine, our spiritual father. 

#Augustinian Youths

Discover Who You Are

Today, more than ever before, we understand the need for each one of us to look at our individual story and there discover the mighty hand of God that works in each one of us. As Augustinian religious brothers we offer the service to meet with you in a brotherly environment where we listen to you and help you understand better the presence of God that is within you. This we do while we walk with you the walk of life with all the challenges and questions it brings with it.

To young men we also offer the possibility of living in our community in Rabat for a few days where they can share our life built on the experience of the first Christian community. Here they live the reality of our daily life by sharing our prayers, our community Eucharist, our food, our recreation and our work, particularly in the service of our brothers and the Church.  Above all we share together the beauty of each person’s story by celebrating the experiences and qualities of each one of us.

We Walk Together

We would like that together with you we embark on a walk where we continue to discover the calling and the wonderful plan that God has for you. Keep on discovering who you are...
send an email to Fr Terence Spiteri osa on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and together you continue to discover the wonderful plan that God has for you. 
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