The convent at Tarxien is surrounded by pastoral activity. The Augustinians offer their services to a wide residential area that extends to neighboring areas as well. In 2006, work was started to renew the Oratory building where various amenties and facilities were added. Part of the activities held in this Oratory is organized by the Maltese NGO Extend.

Extend is a Maltese NGO, whose vision is to create and harvest a dwelling where learned and learner come together in a relationship of love and respect to enhance knowledge. It is currently supported by the Augustinian community in Tarxien and encompasses three innovative projects, namely Pass Pass, Sajf mal-Ħbieb and Tarġa Tarġa, which are all managed by willing and dedicated volunteers.

Pass Pass

Pass Pass is a weekly literacy club for children aged between six and eight years. It aims to assist children academically in Maltese and English alike, specifically in reading and writing. Our voluntary educators strive to make learning more interactive and creative by making use of games, crafts and fun activities to help them learn in a fun environment. 


Sajf mal-Ħbieb

Sajf mal- Ħbieb is a summer social club aimed to provide children and young adolescents with a place where they can interact together in an enjoyable and secure environment during the summer months. Through the various outdoor activities and games which are organised by volunteers, these children can learn and practise new skills while having fun.


Tarġa Tarġa

Tarġa Tarġa is a think-tank created in an endeavour to explore current trends amongst youths to truly understand what they expect from the organisations, communities or youth centres they attend. In turn, volunteers in charge of this project, strive to assist youth leaders and organisations in preparing suitable activities for them. A simulation exercise named Youth Space Idea 5K was in fact conducted amongst a number of youth centres across Malta to gather information and understand the needs and expectations of youths in terms of spirituality and social activities.


Augustinian Youth Centre

Having felt the need for a youth centre for quite some time, this is the latest extension of Extend, created to cater for adolescents within the Augustinian community. Adopting a holistic approach, the committed volunteers strive to strengthen the emotional, psychological, social and spiritual well-being of attending adolescents. With the help of speakers, and through a diversity of activities, Augustinian Youth Centre (AYC) serves as a dwelling where youths can thrive holistically and grow into well-shaped adults.

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