During these days the Augustinian Family in the Czech Republic, together with the world of Science studies are celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of P. Johann Mendel, an Augustinian who engaged in the study of genetics and contributed with important discoveries, so much so that he is known as the Father of Genetics.

Johann Mendel was born on July 20, 1822, in Hyncice (Heinzendorf), Silesia, today in the Czech Republic. At the age of 21, he embraced the Augustinian Religious life in the Abbey of Brno, where he was not only given religious training, but there, he also found a good ground to continue improving and strengthening his skills in natural sciences, especially studying biology and mathematics. In the Augustinian Order he was given the name of Gregor.

As an Augustinian he was given the possibility to continue his studies at the University of Vienna where he took the opportunity to dedicate more time to the studies of natural sciences, mathematics, and physics. Back in Brno he devoted himself to teaching and research.

Mendel chose to further deepen the study through experiments on a very common plant, that of the pea (pisum sativum). For 10 whole years he sowed, grew and compared a number of seeds of all shapes and types of peas. After a large number of experiments that he carried out with great care, Gregor was able to support the foundations of what is today known as the science of Genetics, published in his writing Versuche über Pflanzen -Hybridization. This manuscript is conserved in the archive of the Augustinian Community of the Abbey of Brno. In the last years of his life he was also Abbot of the same Abbey of Brno where he died on January 6, 1884.


A group of eight youths, together with Fr. Terence Spiteri osa, are heading for an experience in different ways by way of a long walk towards Santiago. The group is leaving on Monday 1st August for Porto (Portugal) and, from there, they start their walk towards Santiago (Spain).

During this year, the group held various activities including long walks, in preparation for this experience. Towards the end of June, these youths lived together for a couple of days so as to get to know one another better and to prepare themselves physically for these long walks one after the other.

On Sunday 31 July at 10 a.m. a send-off mass is being celebrated at the Church dedicated to St. Nicholas of Tolentino, Ħal Tarxien as a blessing to this spiritual pilgrimage towards Santiago.

After the Celebration of the Ordinary Provincial Chapter that was held last March/April, the Prior Provincial continued discussions with the Provincial Council and with various friars individually. The work and discussions that normally take place during this period are a continuation to what was discussed at the Provincial Chapter and an evaluation is undertaken of certain changes that become necessary in the friars' responsibilities in particular communities. It was exactly within the spirit of these matters that, on Wednesday 8 June, the Augustinian friars met at the Augustinian Oratory Dun Ġwann Mamo at Ħal-Tarxien.

The meeting commenced with evening prayers. Thereafter, the Prior Provincial shared his thoughts on the work carried out over the past few weeks and concerning some proposed changes. Then he read the list of Formation of each Community, the Provincial delegates, and the resonsibilities assigned to other of the Province’s entities. Over the coming weeks other entities, involving various lay persons, will continue to be formed and approved.

Thus, the Provincial Chapter is being brought to an end. This website augurs fruitful work to all Augustinian friars in their respective responsibilities. Above everything, it would be very appropriate for us to keep in our prayers also all the Communities, whilst also praying harder for Vocations in the Augustinian Family. 

A group of youths spent two days with the Augustinian Community at Tal Pieta’. During these couple of days, the Tagaste Youths had the opportunity of giving some of their time to others through their work that entailed cleaning and refurbishment work at the Millennium Chapel. After this, the youths had lunch with the Augustinian Community, Paceville.

The theme for these days was ‘Arise and Celebrate’ inspired by this year’s Pope Francis’ message to youths. Amongs other activities including moments of prayer and games, Tagaste Youths also went to Gozo and spent some time together there. These activities are organised by the Provincial Commission for Youth ministry and vocational discernment together with various religious and other young people who offer their time and help.

Augustinian Family Feast 2022

“Let us leave the rudder in God’s hands as He knows best what are our needs” Inez Casolani, Tertiary Augustinian

On Tuesday 7 June the Augustinian Provincial Commission for the Laity organised the 2022 Augustinian Family Feast in Gozo.

Seventy lay males and females from the communities of Valletta, Ħal-Tarxien, Paceville and St. Julians, together with members of the Secular Augustinain Fraternity, met at Ċirkewwa so as to take the 9.00 a.m. ferry. On arrival in Gozo they went straight to the convent of the Augustinian Sisters at Għajnsielem. There they attended two interesting talks.

Mrs Stephanie Quintano, President of the Association Henry and Inez Casolani, spoke about this couple, Servants of God, who were Augustinian Terteriaries. Also in attendance was Sr.Cecilia Casolani, the only child of the Casolani couple, and Mr. Anton Quintano, Vice Postulator of the case for the beatification of this couple.

After a coffee break, the lay members attended another talk, this time regarding Servant of God, Fra Grazzja Gauci, an Augustinian religious. This talk was delivered by Mr. Eman Bonnici, who had written Fra Grazzja’s biography.

It is worth mentiuoning that the Postulator of both these beatification cases is Fr. Josef Sciberras OSA.

Thereafter the members of the laity proceeded to Marsalforn where they had lunch at a restaurant there. These were beautiful moments when those present renewed acquaintancies and friendship, after two years of the pandemic during which time the Commission was unable to organise similar activities. From Marsalforn the laity went to the Sanctuary of Ta’ Pinu at Għarb, a place close to everybody’s heart and, doubtless, also to the Servants of God, the couple Casolani, but more so to the Servant of God, Fra Grazzja Gauci OSA, who hailed from Għarb. There the laity participated in Holy Mass which was celebrated by Fr. Provincial Leslie Gatt OSA.

Thnaks to the members of the Augustinian Provincial Commission for the Laity, the 2022 Augustinian Family Feast was a beautiful moment when all present again felt part of the Augustinian Family, as were part of this family Fr. Grazzja, and Henry and Inez Casolani.


Fr Franco Grech OSA

Religious Assistant, Augustinian Provincial Commission for the Laity


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