On Thursday, 31st March the Augustinian friars met at Mount Saint Joseph Retreat House in Mosta for a moment of prayer and reflection during Lent. The meeting began with a moment of prayer and afterwards Fr. Martin Micallef Ofm Cap shared with the friars some reflections on the biblical figure of Judas and some temptations in today’s world.

After a moment of personal reflection, the Augustinian friars gathered again for a moment of adoration before the Blessed Sacrament. We ended this half day retreat by having lunch together.

The Maltese Augustinian Friars gathered for the Ordinary Provincial Chapter 2022, while showing solidarity with the Ukrainian people who are currently suffering from the harsh attacks on their lives and their freedom, express their condemnation for any form of war and threat to the freedom and life of every person, especially the most vulnerable in society.

Our Father Saint Augustine affirms that “peace is the goodness of the heart that is shared with friends, but not like the sharing of bread. If you want to distribute bread, the larger the number of people you share with, the less you have to distribute. Peace, on the other hand, is like the bread of the miracle that continued to multiplicate in the hands of the disciples as they shared and distributed it. " (Sermon 357, 2)

In this light, we would like to show our support first and foremost through earnest prayer to God to show his mercy by the gift of peace to the Ukrainian people. Saint Augustine himself urges "those who love peace and desire to possess it" to "do their utmost to multiply those who possess it." (Sermon 357, 3) We would therefore like to express our concrete support and solidarity by a donation to the initiative to welcome Ukrainian refugees of our Augustinian brothers in Poland and the projects with the same goal promoted by Caritas Malta.

Issued by the Secretariat of the Ordinary Provincial Chapter 2022

The Santa Rita Priory, St. Julian's

16th March 2022

The Maltese Augustinian Province invites all those who wish to join for a moment of prayer to be held on the eve of the opening of the Ordinary Provincial Chapter 2022. The Ordinary Provincial Chapter is a moment that the Province celebrates every four years and brings about an opportunity to the religious brethren to come together, evaluate the reality of their life and mission, and plan for the future.

In preparation for this event, a moment of prayer will be organized to which, all those who collaborate with the friars in one way or another, or attend Augustinian churches and other realities, are invited. The moment of prayer will be animated by the Secular Augustinian Fraternity and will be presided over by the Assistant to the Prior General of the Order Fr. Javier Perez Barba OSA. It is an occasion for all of us to pray to the Lord to accompany the religious  brethren along this journey at this particular time in the life of the Province.

The Vigil will be held on Monday 14 March, at St. Nicholas of Tolentino Church in Tarxien and will start at 6.30pm (lasts about an hour). At 6pm there will be a mass. The presence of each and every one of you at this time will be greatly appreciated.


From the 15th to the 16th of March, the Maltese Augustinian Friars met for the First Part of the Ordinary Provincial Chapter which is being celebrated at The Santa Rita Priory in Saint Julians. On the eve of the opening of the Chapter, a prayer vigil was held in St. Nicholas of Tolentino Church, in Tarxien. The Chapter is a general meeting in which religious people gather to celebrate and evaluate their lives, while planning their program for the next four years. Augustinians serve the Church and society in various fields, in Malta and abroad.

The Chapter opened on the morning of Tuesday, March 15, with the Mass of the Holy Spirit in which the Assistant General of the Order of Saint Augustine, Fr. Javier Perez Barba O.S.A. confirmed the election of Fr. Leslie Gatt O.S.A. for another mandate as Prior Provincial which he will be serving for the next four years. The first day proceded with the opening speech by the President of the Chapter, a report on the situation of the Province by the Prior Provincial and a report by the Provincial Treasurer.

In a session held on Wednesday morning, March 16, the officials of the Province were elected with the members of the Provincial Council being Fr. Terence Spiteri O.S.A., Fr. Alexander Cauchi O.S.A., Fr. Mario Abela O.S.A. and Fr. Paul Formosa O.S.A.. Fr. Franco Grech O.S.A. was elected Provincial Secretary while Fr. Pierre Desira O.S.A. Provincial Treasurer.

Discussions will continue in the coming days in the Provincial Council until the Province will meet again in a Plenary Assembly for the Second Part of the Chapter which will be held between the 18 and 22 April 2022.



Every month, different groups of students from our Secondary Campus, have the opportunity of participating meetings with the community of Friars at Pieta’. During this time they have a good plate of pasta or pizza, moments of prayer, discussion groups and also a bit of playtime in the convent’s basement that is equipped with a variety of relaxing activities such as billiard, table tennis, table soccer, board games, etc....

These activities are organised monthly by the College’s chaplaincy together with the community of Friars during the students’ breaks and also after school hours. Apart from these meetings, live-ins are also organised in the convent as also other similar activities outside school hours. These are just a few of the activities that are held during the year as part of the pastoral work with youths and vocational discernment.



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