What does the Augustinian Youths group mean to you?

As members of the Augustinian Youths group we work together to create an active space as a young community within the Church. This group stands out for me because through meetings, activities, moments of prayer and voluntary work we have the opportunity to share various perspectives and experiences all together.

This helps me to give some of my time to others and share my talents with others. The most beautiful moments are those in which we offer our time to cheer or help those who are on the periphery or marginalized. I have great appreciation for this group because through these young people with different ideas we can dream and grow together as one Christian family.

Nicole Pace

If you would like more information on Tagaste Youths and other activities for young people ( 18+) contact fr. Terence Spiteri osa (21222884) or facebook/instagram Augustinian Youths.

Why do you take part in the activities organized by Tagaste Youths?

Tagaste Youths is a place where one can grow not only when it comes to growing one’s circle of friends but also spiritually. The Tagaste Youths has helped me become more confident and also provided a place where I can feel comfortable to express myself freely. Tagaste Youths is also a place where one can find comfort and protection in difficult, turbulent and troubling times.

We are a very close family where we have bonded together very well. The Tagaste Youth is also a place where we do various community work but it is also a place where we relax and spend some time together. The few hours we spend together is a good way to relax, unwind and take our minds off the stressful school life.

The Tagaste Youths is always open to new members. It is always important to keep the spiritual aspect of your life vibrant and alive since it serves a guide and as a compass for a better and fulfilling life and a life with a scope and purpose. The Tagaste offers this with young people and teenagers in mind who are still searching for their purpose and goodness in themselves and who may not be confident in who they really are.

Tagaste is also the place where St. Augustine was born and raised is presently used in the name – ‘Tagaste Youths’ which is a cradle of love, friendship and protection.

Yevgeny Spiteri

If you would like more information on Tagaste Youths and other activities for young people (15+) contact fr. Terence Spiteri osa (21222884) or facebook/instagram Augustinian Youths.



On November 13, the Augustinian Order celebrates the Feast of all the Saints of the Augustinian Family and the birthday of Saint Augustine. This day is also celebrated as Vocations Day. Although this year it fell on a Sunday and therefore the liturgical celebration was missed, during the month of November several initiatives related to vocational ministry were organized.

Monday, November 14 the Provincial Commission for the Laity organized a moment of prayer for Vocations at the Santa Rita Priory in Saint Julians. During this celebration, Fr Terence Spiteri shared with those present the experience of the various initiatives carried out, together with a beautiful reflection on the Gospel that accompanied those present in their prayers for more Augustinian vocations. A very encouraging participation of lay people from various Augustinian realities was present.

The Provincial delegate for youth work and vocational discernment, together with the Provincial Commission also organized several initiatives including a live-in for a group of young people who last year completed their education at St. Augustine College. The Live-in was held at the Saint Thomas from Villanova Priory in Tal-Pieta. Meanwhile, in the Youth Space located in the basement of the same convent, a Prayer Spaces initiative is being organized open to groups of Teenagers and young people who wish to come and live this experience of personal reflection and a walk of faith.

During the past few weeks the chaplaincy team of St. Augustine College organized also half-day visits for all the students of the secondary sector at the Saint Augustine Priory in Valletta. In this initiative, the students were welcomed by several augustinians who shared with them different different moments and experiences.

These are just a few of the initiatives organized with the intention of promoting a culture which appreciates the call for religious life and encourage the young people to reflect about their future. If you are interested to know more about the Augustinian Religious life or need any support to discern about your future, we can definately help you.



  • At the beginning of the year 2014, the Maltese Augustinian Province in compliance with what had been unanimously agreed in the Ordinary Provincial chapter 2014, had held discussions with Mons Archbishop (at that time Mons Paul Cremona) and with the Curia of the Archdiocese in which the Province showed the desire to start serving pastorally in some new reality of the Diocese. Eventually, the agreement was in fact made quite quickly and in a few months, so much so that on December 6, 2014, His Excellency Mons Charles J. Scicluna - at that time Apostolic Administrator sede vacante - (today the Archbishop of Malta) had issued the Decree in which he was "entrusting the pastoral care of the Church of St. Martin, Baħrija and the surrounding areas which are in the territory of the Parish of St. Paul , Victoria, in the hands of the Reverend Father Provincial pro tempore of the Augustinian Friars and his delegates, ad nutum Ordinarii loci."
  • Fr Ray Francalanza osa - at that time Provincial - had begun his work as the first Rector on behalf of the Province on 1 January 2015. In the last two Provincial Chapters, Fr Ray was confirmed again to continue serving in this ministry. This means that as Augustinian religious we have already been serving pastorally in this locality for eight years. The population in Baħrija today has grown considerably and exceeded 2700 people spread over 560 families. Many young couples have come to live in it and this makes the place a fairly young community. During these years, great work has been done on every level to build a beautiful community both on a faith level and also on a social level. A great gift in Baħrija is the living commitment of many people who serve and give with a lot of love and generosity for the good of the whole community. Those who wish to get a taste of life in the Baħrija community, can use the fb page - Knisja Baħrija page.

The Augustinian Laity of the Order Commission is offering a short online course on Augustinian Spirituality (see poster). It will be around 45 mins plus some time Q & A. This is being organised by the Augustinian Order around the world for English speaking.

One can join by entering this link https://zoom.us/join and then enter the Meeting ID according to the date:

Fr Andrés González Niño, OSA, “The Confessions”, Part I.  12 November 2022.

Meeting ID: 886 4391 1256

Passcode: 498831


Fr Andrés González Niño, OSA, “The Confessions”, Part II.  26 November 2022.

Meeting ID: 845 0229 9013

Passcode: 077098


Fr. William Faix, OSA, "The Origin and Spread of Augustinian Lay Movement in the Order".  10 December 2022.

Meeting ID: 835 3111 0452

Passcode: 263754


Fr. Paul Graham OSA, “The Involvement and Commitment of Augustinian Laity for the Promotion of Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation.” 7th Janaury 2023


Meeting ID: 876 2701 6300

Passcode: 824341


Joseph Kelly, “Communion of Life in Augustinian Spirituality for the Laity”. 21st January 2023


Meeting ID: 896 7144 2832

Passcode: 835163


Fr Josef Sciberras OSA, “The Journey of Holiness in the Order.” 4th February 2023


Meeting ID: 890 7923 4874

Passcode: 775718


Fr Bitrus Galadima OSA, “Sacred Scripture in the Writings of Saint Augustine” 18th February 2023


Meeting ID: 813 9625 4125

Passcode: 784413


William O’ Connor, “Laity in the Order: Roles, Perspectives, and Challenges” 4th March 2023


Meeting ID: 817 2526 0125

Passcode: 156700

Fr Joseph Farrell, “Augustinian Pastoral Ministry and the Role of the Laity” 18th March 2023


Meeting ID: 840 0162 2680

Passcode: 514820

November is the month in which as Augustinians remember more than usual, the need to pray for vocations.

On Monday, 14 November 2022 at 6pm, the Provincial Augustinian Lay Commission, together with the Secular Augustinian Fraternity, would like to organize a prayer meeting for vocations in the Santa Rita Chapel, St. Julians. Fr Terence Spiteri OSA, Promoter of vocations, will share with us a Biblical reflection while the brothers of the Secular Fraternity will lead the prayer.

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