Lord, make me wait for you until you come again in glory to take me away with you for ever

The Ascension of the Lord (7th Sunday of Easter) – Year C

Acts 1: 1-11; Psalm 46; Hb. 9: 24-28; Lq. 24: 46-53

Read: “Now as he blessed them, he withdrew from them and was carried up to heaven.”

Reflect: What is the meaning of the feast that we are celebrating today? The Lord’s ascension into heaven signifies Jesus being glorified in the Father. He went there so as to prepare for us a place where He himself will be so as to be with Him. Jesus left our world not because he was annoyed or got tired of us, but so as in the future we will be happy with him. Today’s feast will someday be our feast. Only a few are looking forward to this with keenness.

We too are closely associated with this feast on earth. Is this true? The Lord understands us and has compassion on us. Everyone complains about this world but nobody wants to leave it. We enjoy working! But instead of grumbling it is better that we involve ourselves so that, even from this world, the Kingdom of God is manifested.

Within our smaller or larger circles, enlightened and encouraged by God’s Spirit, we must commit ourselves to live the values of God’s Kingdom; to exercise justice; love and peace. Until we reach the stage of enjoying God’s Kingdom in heaven we need to live as a people full of hope in God.

A final point: when we say that Jesus was carried up to heaven, and was glorified in the Father and was taken away from us, does not mean that he left us alone. “You will gain strength when the Holy Spirit descends on you.” The Lord told us not to be afraid of difficult situations because he will be with us through His Spirit who will show us how to handle such situations in the light of His own teachings.

Act: Lord, make me wait for you until you come again in glory to take me away with you for ever; to enjoy being with you face to face without ever being separated, and without anything impinging on our closeness.

Pray: In our interest in politics, the economy, culture and in all that is human, let our faith be reflected in a better and everlasting life, a life which the Lord went to prepare for us when he went near the Father.



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