The disciples from Emmaus recognised Jesus when he broke bread

Luke 24, 13-35

Read: The disciples from Emmaus recognised Jesus when he broke bread. What happened at that moment exemplifies the significance of the Eucharist. Straight away we notice the wonderful nature of the Eucharist.

Pray: O Lord make me always grateful for this wonderful gift given me through the Eucharist.

Reflect: How central to your life is the Eucharist? At present, due to the pandemic, we are denied receiving this gift. Do you feel a wish that time passes quickly so that you are able to start receiving again this sacrament of love?

Whilst our movements are constrained by this virus, we can participate in the Mass by following this on television or the social media without being physically present. Perhaps before the pandemic hit us, we in Malta, where it is reckoned that there are 356 churches, used to take the Mass for granted, and this may have induced us to be lax in that regard. But now that we are denied from participation in the Mass in Church, many are appreciating this much more. This is a time for reflection:

What is the difference between ‘hearing’ Mass (or in present circumstances ‘following this’ through the media) and ‘actually taking part’ in the Mass?

Can you be a Christian without celebrating the Lord’s day?

Do you not think that at times we lead a double life; on Sunday I participate in the Mass and during the week I speak ill of, or even deceive, my neighbour?

Mass ends with the words “Go in the peace of Christ”. Do you feel a responsibility after you have participated in the Eucharist?

Do: Today go through some reading material on the Eucharist so that you can recognise and always appreciate more this gift.

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