Jump with happiness, sing, you who live in Sion, because great is amongst you the God of Israel!

3rd Sunday of Advent Year (C)

Sophonias 3: 14-18a; Is. 12: 2-6; Ph. 4: 4-7; Lk. 3: 10-18

Read: In those days, when the people asked John telling him: “So what should we do?”, he responded saying: “Whoever has two garments, should share with those who have none, and whoever has food to eat, should do likewise”.  Some publicans also drew near so as to be baptised and told him: “Lord, what should we do?” And he answered: “Do not press anybody to pay you taxes in excess of what you are due to demand”. Some soldiers also asked him saying: “And what should we do?” He answered: “Do not rob anyone using threats or through your deceit, and content yourselves with the pay you receive”.

Reflect: Last Sunday John the Baptist invited us to check how is our relationship with God if we wish to prepare ourselves for the coming of the Messiah. He encouraged us to change our thoughts and actions so as to obtain forgiveness of our sins (Lk. 1:3). Today he focuses on the relationship that we should have with our neighbour. Love, solidarity, sharing our wealth with others, removal of all injustices and abuses of power were the principal points of what he said.

One cannot say the Baptist was not clear in what he said. Prayer and other devotions are good, so long as these are not used for us to escape from our duty to share our wealth with needy persons. We get together to pray, sing, but when we are asked to share our wealth with others ……… our religious enthusiasm often quickly wanes. There is a lot of happiness that is not Christian. John the Baptist shows the way that truly fills the heart; let us prepare the way for the coming of Christ by sharing with the poor and by denying all forms of abuse of power and all lack of sincerity with our brethren. Christian happiness that is thoughtful of others.

Pray: Sing to the Lord because he had done great things; let this be known throughout the earth. Jump with happiness, sing, you who live in Sion, because great is amongst you the God of Israel!

Act: Let us strive to have the happiness that is brought by the Spirit of Christ. Let us seek what we can do to obtain and to enhance a Christian happiness wherever we may be.

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