The Augustinians of Rabat and the Rabat Sacrum Initiative

On Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 September, the Augustinian Community of Rabat took part in the Rabat Sacrum initiative which was organized by the Rabat Local Council with the collaboration of several civil and religious entities. The idea of ​​such initiative was first and foremost to give the public the opportunity to see and appreciate the treasures hidden in the Rabat churches, priories and their respective museums. In addition, several musical and cultural initiatives were held in different places.

The Augustinian Community of Rabat for this occasion opened the ground floor of the Priory so that public could appreciate the magnificent building built by the architect of the Order Andrea Belli, in the first half of the 18th century. In the Priory, one could also appreciate the wonderful museum with various artifacts in exposition. Most prominent among them are the four panels of  Sicilian School that form part of a polyptych commissioned by the Augustinian friars in the XV century. This work of art is of great value not only for the Priory of Saint Mark and the Augustinian Heritage, but also for the history of art in our islands.

Apart from the priory one could also appreciate the church of Saint Mark which dates back to the XV century, and was built by the architect Girolamo Cassar who probably used the plan of this church as a test to then build Saint John’s Co Cathedral.

As part of the cultural initiatives staged in different areas, an Organ concert was held in the church by the organist Claire Balucci accompanied by local Sopranos.

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